How to pass your PSM1 (Professional Scrum Master I) exam in 3 easy steps

Today I passed my PSM1 exam achieving a pass mark of 93.8% and wanted to share with you my experience so that you can pass too! You don’t have to do it exactly how I did, but here’s what helped me.

Read the official Guide

I know you must have seen this piece of advice quite a lot but read and make notes from the Scrum Guide (a short pdf document which provides all the information necessary to pass).

Along with this, attempt the open assessment multiple times.

Practice Questions

Use the Mlapshin online practice questions — this is an excellent question simulator and will help you to solidify your knowledge in Scrum.

Exam Simulator

Use the Volkerdon exam simulator (it cost me $15 to purchase, but it was worth the investment for me as I wanted to make sure I don’t retake the PSM1 exam which is $150). This has 300+ practice questions (with tricky ones!) and makes sure you fully understand Scrum practices. The only downfall to this simulator was that it had quite a few grammatical errors.


I advise you to repeat these steps until you reach 90%+ on all practice tests which will prepare you to sit the real exam.

If you need further guidance/advice, you can contact me on [email protected]